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Play back what you hear but in your own words, using your own situation. Take what you heard and make it the foundation for what you are trying on as your next idea. If you disagree, wait a few beats, let the thought finish, and then explain why. The best way to honor someone who has said something smart and useful is to say something back that is smart and useful. The other way to honor them is to go do something with what you learned.

Good listeners get what they deserve—better speakers. Why do we care about football? Seth Godin niedziela, For someone outside the US, the visceral connection with football seems mysterious. You can understand a lot about the future and past of marketing once you understand how the sport turned into a cultural touchstone.

It was an epic muddy battle, pitting one alma mater against another, a war-like, non-balletic battle that united at a pretty elemental level the tribes on each side. As it grew as a college sport, it became as much of a social event as a sporting one, with alumni and students finding connection around a game.

No, it turns out that, quite accidentally, football, more than any other sport, is made for television. The combination of the play clock, the angles, the repetition and the opportunity for analysis all make it perfect to watch on TV. And perfect to run commercials on. TV and football grew up together, side by side. Instant replay and the thirty-second commercial, supporting each other. The commercials represent both the cash component of football as well as the cultural souvenirs that go with our consumption of the game. The decisions Ed and Steve Sobol made over the years turned the sport cinematic, amplifying the tribal origins but taking them much further.

They used sound editing and shot on film, all to transform a game into a spectacle.

Then, the second great accident occurred: As football became the official sport of television, it generated billions of dollars in revenue. This revenue led advertisers to push for more football, which led to more television, which led to colleges transforming football from a small sideline into a cash cow of some focus, despite the fact that it has very little to do with the core mission of the institution.

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People justify the unpaid and dangerous labor of college football players by pointing to all the scholarships. The media-football complex drives deep into childhood, with many kids fast-tracked from a very young age into the game not soccer, not baseball, not physics at some level because of TV and because of money and because of tribes. But what does it mean for football to be part of what you stand for? No one stands for movies, or ice cream or double-entry bookkeeping. No, a sport has become a pillar of our worldview, a tribal and economic connection to our past and our future.

We just assume that this is as it was and as it will be. Mass TV built many elements of our culture, but mass TV except for tonight is basically over. The new media giants of our age Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Instead, they splinter, connecting many to many, not many to one. So instead we build our lives around cultural pockets, not cultural mass.

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Our job as marketers and leaders is to create vibrant pockets, not to hunt for mass. But for next season… Go Bills! January, of course, is official diet book month, the time of year that formerly young, formerly thin people buy books in the hopes that by osmosis, they will magically become post-holiday skinny. Here are a bunch of books, ebooks and recordings that can help with that: Diet books for the mind. Controlling what you eat is an interesting challenge, but not nearly as important as controlling how you think. Paracosms, loyalty and reality in the pursuit of creative problem solving Seth Godin sobota, A paracosm is an ornate, richly detailed imaginary world.

Managers at established organizations have a very hard time with this.

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Take book publishing as an example. Paper is magical.

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The emotional response is easy to understand. If one of the core principles of your business needs to be abandoned in order to act out the paracosm, it feels disloyal to even utter it. Only then can you try it on for size, imagine what the forces at work might be and then work to either prevent or even better, improve on that future and your role in it.

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Miles Davis was shunned by a few people in the audience, even at his coolest. The theater critic at the Times might not like this play, the one that made people cry and sold tickets for years. We can be unanimous in our lack of feedback for the invisible one. They will blame you for giving them a virus or will change the recipe even though you ask them not to. But then what? The thing is, blaming this group for getting it wrong helps no one.

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If they were always the same people, you could happily fire them. And to embrace them. Not to blame them, but to love them. Successful businesses have the resilience to make it easy for them to recover. To make it easy for these people to find you and to blame you and to get the help they need. Sure, whittle down the number. But the ones who are left?

Selling spectatorhood is pretty easy. You hit the remote. You pretend you have power—the power to turn it off, to change the channel, to buy or not to buy. Most people, most of the time, are told to watch, not to lead, to follow, not to create. Waiting for breakfast in bed to be served is very different indeed than getting up early and serving breakfast in bed. As if those that do require an audience. The alternative to being a spectator involves failure and apparent risk. It means that you will encounter people who accuse you of hubris and flying too high, people who are eager to point out the loose thread on your jacket or the flaw in your reasoning.

The spectators in the stands are happy to boo, happy to walk out when the team is struggling in the third period, happy to switch if the bread or the circuses cease to delight.

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Why on earth, they ask, would they want to be anything but a spectator? Owning vs. The moment you start treating the rental like a right, it disappears. Butt in seat, smile on your face.

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